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A D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) is a fully licensed physician, and can practice the complete spectrum of medical and surgical specialties in the United States.  

The D.O. difference

  • D.O.s practice a whole person approach to medicine.
  • D.O.s receive extra training in the musculoskeletal system.  This training provides osteopathic physicians with a better understanding of how an illness or injury in one part of your body can affect other parts
  • OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment) is incorporated into the training of D.O.s.  With OMT D.O.s use their hands to diagnose illness and injury, and encourage the body's natural tendency toward good health.

Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine

  1. The body is a unit, of mind, body and spirit
  2. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance
  3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated
  4. Rational treatment is based on the understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function

Osteopathic manipulation

OMT is hands-on care.  It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury.  Using OMT, Dr. Vander Pol will move your head (cranium), muscles, and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.  OMT addresses the muscles, bones, lymphatic system, circulatory system, nervous system, viscera, and cranium.  The focus in treatment therefore, goes beyond simple spinal alignment, to addressing all of the layers of your body that influence your health, or cause disease.  

Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Vander Pol is certified in medical acupuncture.  She offers acupuncture in combination with OMT.  And she will develop a plan that is best for you and your needs

The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that bodily functions are regulated by an energy called Qi which flows through the body and disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease.  According to traditional chinese medicine, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of energy or qi, through channels known as meridians.  And therefore by stimulating specific acupuncture points, imbalances in qi are corrected and the body is more able to heal itself.

Medical acupuncture is different than traditional acupuncture in that it is performed and provided by a licensed physician.  Acupuncture can be used alone or in combination with conventional medicine.  It has been recognized as being useful in a variety of health problems including musculoskeletal pain, menstrual and reproductive problems, neuropathies and neuritis, respiratory and digestive disorders, to name a few.  It can also be used for maintenance of health and prevention of illness.  

​The combination of OMT and acupuncture can be powerful and beneficial.  OMT works with balancing the muscles, fascia, lymph flow and circulation, through hands-on gentle manipulation; acupuncture can work at the energetic level of the body and with the release of chemicals than can impact muscles, nerves, and the brain.  So by combining treatments you are receiving treatments that can impact every layer of your being.  Thus, helping the body become more able to heal itself.  Dr. Vander Pol will discuss the benefits of OMT, and acupuncture, and which treatment combination is best for you.

Integrative Nutrition

Integrative nutrition looks at multiple areas of a person's life, emotional, psychological, and physical, and integrates the science of nutrition to help patients reach their goals.  Dr. Vander Pol will do a detailed history with you and determine what areas of your life and diet can be improved upon to give you a healthier, happier life.  Food is medicine!

Farmhouse Fresh skincare

We believe in nurturing the body from the inside, out and the outside, in.  This farmhouse fresh skincare is straight from the farm and will leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed.

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